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Our theater troupe has done some great plays this year and won many awards.


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2010-2011 TheaterPhotographs


Flamingo Court by Luigi Creatore April-May 2011at Black River Valley Club

Jane Jenkins, Terry Burgess

Jane Jenkins, Terry Burgess, Kathleen Dawson

Kathleen Dawson, Jane Jenkins, Terry Burgess

Terry Burgess, Kathleen Dawson

Jane Jenkins, Andrew Shelmedine

Jane Jenkins, Andrew Shelmedine

Levi Whitney, Mark Chiappone

Levi Whitney, Mark Chiappone

Pete Hovey, Lynn Schweinsburg, Levi Whitney

Lynn Schweinsburg, Mark Chiappone, Peter Hovey

Lynn Schweinsburg, Mark Chiappone, Peter Hovey

Judy Norris, Mark Chiappone


Donít Talk to the Actorsby Tom Dudzick†† February 2011 at Black River Valley Club

Briana Ramsey, David Fichtenmeyer

Stephanie Wilson, Terry Burgess

Kathie Strader, David Murphy

David Murphy,Kathie Strader, David Fichtenmeyer

Briana Ramsey, Kathie Strader

Kathie Strader, David Murphy, David Fitchenmayer, Stephanie Wilson,

Terry Burgess


David Murphy, Kathie Strader, David Fitchenmayer



Brianna Ramsey

David Murphy

Sorry Wrong Chimneyby By Jack Sharkey and Leo W. Sears††† December 2010 at Case Middle School Auditorium


Kris Rusho, Sarah Hovey, Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith, Scott Zaffora-Reeder


Terry Burgess (Santa), Kris Rusho, Dan Allington

Terry Burgess, Scott Zaffora-Reeder


Scott Zaffora-Reeder,Kris Rusho, Sarah Hovey

Terry Burgess (Santa), Elizabeth Smith, Kris Rusho, Sarah Hovey, Gerald Hettick

Gerald Hettick (stripper)

Dan Allington, Kris Rusho, Elizabeth Smith, Scott Zaffora-Reeder, Sarah Hovey


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