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Opalís Baby by John Patrick , April 2010

(We donít have any show pictures, just a few pics taken at rehearsal)



Terry Burgess††† Jane Jenkins, Judy Norris



Jane Jenkins, Terry Burgess, Sarah Hovey



Jane Jenkins, Breanna Ramsey, Terry Burgess

One-Acts, including Flowers by Sherman Ward and The Moment by Craig Thornton in March 2010

(We donít have any show pictures, just a few pics taken at rehearsal)


Kris Rusho, Erin Lalonde in Fin & Euba


Jane Jenkins, Cecilia Thompso, Sarah Hovey, Bonnie McCormmick, Terry Burgess in Flowers

Kris Cecilia Thompson, Terry Burgess, Bonnie McCormmick in Flowers

Rumors by Neil Simon in January 2010 at Trinity Auditorium


Barry Pratt,Debbie Vanderpool, Dan Allington, Bill Bowman, Jessica Abel

On couch: Judy Norris, Elizabeth Smith, David Murphy


Back:Debbie Vanderpool, Pete Hovey, Barry Pratt, Dan Allington,on couch: Dave Murphy, Jessica Abel

Judy Norris, Elizabeth Smith, Jessica Abel

Barry Pratt, Peter Hovey

Dave Murphy

Elizabeth Smith, Jessica Abel





Jane Jenkins as Lucy Stickler in Murderers by Jeffrey Hatcher, at the International Theatre Festival in Mont Laurier, QuebecSeptember 2009.









Over the Tavern by Tom Dudzick in October 2009




2010 Scholarship winners, William Boulter, II and Zachery Rufa.  Winner Ashley DeMar not pictured.



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