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The Little Theater of Watertown is a volunteer based, nonprofit organization that exists to offer high quality live theatre, provide lifelong learning opportunities, and foster creative expression throughout the community in a fiscally responsible manner.


There is a long history to Little Theatre of Watertown and this page will explain it all some day soon.


We are located in Watertown, New York (Jefferson County) and are close to Fort Drum.


RBWH 8-08-113



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We are currently looking for a new home in Watertown, having lost our performance space at Trinity Church.  If you know of any place we could perform, please contact anyone on the “Contact Us” page.  Our audiences seem to prefer dinner theater, but we will be happy to do a show any suitable place where we will have time to put up a set.  Thanks!


Awards – Awards – Awards!

A BIG HAND To The Director and Cast of

Awards at the TANY Festival


Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner

by Pat Cook


·          Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Work to the Director and Cast

·          Excellence in Acting to Jane Jenkins for her portrayal of Dora Miller

·          Excellence in Acting to Kathie Strader for her  portrayal of Lydia Van Horn

Adjudicator's Comments: The Little Theatre of Watertown does an excellent job with this hearty and delightful comedy. Each actor is well-fitted to their role, which each of them approaches with grace and aplomb, bringing to life some very colorful characters in a most believable way. The entire ensemble provides a lovely experience sure to please all audiences, not just those of a "certain age."


Adjudicated by Diane Mashia, TANYS Adjudicator
October 13, 2013


AND, if you haven’t seen already…

They have been selected to perform at the TANYS Festival in Auburn on November 22, 2013 for details!



Congratulations to

The Dixie Swim Club

June 28, 2013 at the Clayton Opera House


Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting to Tina Thompson as Lexi and Elizabeth P. Smith as Dinah.


Adjudicator's Joan Luther’s Comments: The Little Theatre of Watertown gave its audiences some laughs along with some tears with their production of “Dixie Swim Club.”  A thoughtful play, it spans over 50 years of the lives of five completely different personalities of a college swim team.  All five women aged beautifully in this production.





Murder by the Book

May - June, 2013

 Won Three awards from The Theatre Association of NYS (TANYS)!


·         Excellence in Production Design and Execution to Elizabeth Smith and her Production Staff

·         Excellence in Acting to Cindy Tyler for her portrayal of Christine Scott

·         Excellence in Acting to Tina Thompson for her portrayal of Imogen Piper


Awards are based on three separate designations. These designations include Meritorious Achievement, Excellence and Outstanding Achievement.

·         Meritorious Achievement = Some Advanced Theatrical Skill Noted

·         Excellence = Theatrical Skill Base Not Routinely Noted in Non-Professional Theatre

·         Outstanding Achievement = Theatrical Skill Base Rarely Seen in Non-Professional Theatre



Little Theatre of Watertown’s production of

The Foreigner

won FIVE awards from The Theatre Association of NYS (TANYS)!


·         Excellence in Ensemble Work to the Director, Cast and Crew for the Foreigner

·         Excellence in Acting to Jane Bowman Jenkins for her portrayal of Betty

·         Excellence in Acting to Terry Burgess for his portrayal of Charlie

·         Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Colton Mangon for his portrayal of Ellard

·         Meritorious Achievement in Design to Sherman A. Ward, Jr. and in Execution to Christine Godfrey for their work on the disappearing Clansman apparatus.



Adjudicator: Joan Luther     Date: February 24, 2013


Big Winners at the TANYS Theater Festival in Batavia NY Nov 16-18, 2012


LLWIWatTANYS.jpgLittle Theatre's production of Love, Loss & What I Wore by Nora and Delia Ephron, directed by Daniel Allington, was selected as one of seven plays to be presented at the festival from 187 plays adjudicated over the past year in NYS.  Just being selected as one of the shows to participate is a huge honor. 

Pictured from Left to Right:  Todd Thompson, Tina Thompson, Kathie Strader, Elizabeth P. Smith, Bruce Smith, Bethany Dumas, Emily Smith, and Daniel Kathie Strader.JPGAllington



A panel of three national adjudicators chose our own Kathie Strader as the recipient of the Outstanding Actor Award for her performance in Love, Loss & What I Wore (the TANYS equivalent of the Oscar). 

The Little Theatre of Watertown was the recipient of the The Shirley Cockrell Community Jane-SCockrill Award.JPGTheatre Excellence Award, "presented to a TANYS community theatre that provides exemplary service to its community and continually aspires to and maintains the highest level of artistic achievement".  A $750 check was presented to Little Theatre with the award. There is only one of these awarded each year after a rigorous application process, which was submitted by Jane Jenkins.  Picture attached of Jane Jenkins with the Shirley Cockrell Award.



TANYS Roving Adjudicator Awards


     The Nerd    (February 2012)    Adjudicator:  Arnie Galin


«  Meritorious Achievement  in Ensemble Acting to the entire Cast (Claire Auborg, Terry Burgess, Shane Coughlin, Chase Marshall, Jeremy Marshall, David Murphy, and Stephanie Wilson)


Adjudicator’s comments:  Little Theatre's production of The Nerd was an enjoyable evening of entertainment.



My Three Angels   (November & December 2011):        Adjudicator:  Joan Luther


«  Excellence Achievement in Direction to Sherman C. Ward, Jr.

«  Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting to Terry Burgess, David Fichtenmayer, and Levi Whitney

«  Meritorious Achievement in Costume Design and Execution to Rebecca Hopfinger


Adjudicator’s comments:  “The Little Theatre of Watertown gave its audience some real laughs when three unusual angels hit the stage at the Black River Valley Club.  Under Sherman C. Ward, Jr.’s direction, the stage came alive with a Christmas story full of fun, merriment and compassion.  It has something for everyone, including a live chicken!” The dinner was great, too.





TANYS Roving Adjudicator Awards


Red, White and Tuna  (August 2011):    Adjudicator:  Spencer Watson

·          Meritorious Achievement in Comedic Ensemble Acting to Daniel Davis and David Simmons



Flamingo Court   (April 2011):        Adjudicator:  Ed Scutt

«  Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Jane Jenkins for her portrayal in the dual roles of Marie and Clara

«  Excellent Achievement in Acting to Terry Burgess for his portrayal of Dominic

«  Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Mark Chiappone for his portrayal of Harry

«  Meritorious Achievement in Sound Design and Execution to Dan Allington


Adjudicator’s comments:  Dinner and The Little Theatre of Watertown's production of three interconnected one-act plays, FLAMINGO COURT, by Luigi Creatore, is a dinner with two desserts.  Three one-act plays about seniors living in the same apartment complex make for an evening of smiles and laughs.



Don’t Talk to the Actors  (February 2011):       Adjudicator:  Joan Luther

·          Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Stephanie Wilson for her portrayal of Lucinda Shaw

·          Meritorious Achievement in Characterization to the Cast - Terry Burgess, David Fichtenmayer, David Murphy, Brianna Ramsey, Kathie Strader and Stephanie Wilson - and director, Sarah Hovey


Adjudicator’s Comments: LT brought the wheeling and dealing of backstage to life with their production …The cast and director created a thoughtful comedy full of people we all can relate to.  And the dinner at the Black River Club is not to be missed!



Sorry, Wrong Chimney   (November 2011)     Adjudicator::  Sherman Ward

·          Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting to the entire cast - Dan Allington, Kris Rusho, Sarah Hovey, Scot Zaffora-Reeder, Terry Burgess, Elizabeth Smith, Gerald Hettick

Adjudicator’s Comments: The reputation of the Little Theatre of Watertown was definitely enhanced by this fast paced romp of this yuletide farce.


Board Member Sherman Ward received the American Asso. of Community Theaters (AACT) Fellows Award. "The Honorable designation of Fellow is bestowed for life upon those members of AACT who over a period of years have contributed significantly to the idea and ideal of community theatre." He will also receive The Art Cole Award "Honors lifetime of leadership in community theatre by members of AACT who have provided leadership at the national level in addition to local and/or regional levels.”  Congratulations Sherman!!!!




The Sherman C. Ward Jr. Distinguished Volunteer Award was presented by the Theatre Association of NY State (TANYS) in November 2010  to  Jane Bowman Jenkins. 

The Sherman C. Ward, Jr. Distinguished Volunteer Award is given to an individual above the age of 65 who has faithfully provided significant and valuable service to community theatre for over 25 years.




TANYS Roving Adjudicator Awards


Over the Tavern by Tom Dudzick (October 2009)       Adjudicator: Laura Andruski

·    Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Elizabeth Smith as Ellen

·    Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Natalie Reff as Annie

·    Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting to the Cast

·    Meritorious Achievement in Direction to Sarah Hovey


Rumors by Neil Simon (January 2010)                Adjudicator: Spencer Watson

·      Excellence in Acting to David Murphy for his portrayal of Ken Gorman

·      Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Elizabeth Phimister Smith for her portrayal of Chris Gorman

·      Meritorious Achievement in  Scenic Design and Construction to Steve Favret


Opal's Baby (April 2010)             Adjudicator: Arnie Galin

·         Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting to Jane Jenkins, Judy Norris, Terry Burgess, David Beckstrom, Brianna Ramsey, and Sarah Hovey

·         Meritorious Achievement in Direction to Bonnie McCormick and Nancy Wearne-Navarra


Five Outstanding One-Acts by Local Playwrights  (August 2010)     Adjudicator,: Robert Alonzo.

·         Always a Bridesmaid  by Kris Rusho - Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Kris Rusho for her portrayal of Stella.

·         The Coin Toss  by Zachery Rufa - Meritorious Achievement to Leonard Planes for his portrayal of Lucifer.

·         The Lift  by Jane Jenkins - Meritorious Achievement to Kathie Strader as Claudia and David Murphy as Charlie for their Ensemble Acting Work.

·         We're a Close Family  by Craig Thornton - Meritorious Achievement In Playwriting to Craig Thornton.


Visit, to view past year’s awards.



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